Leather Repairs?

by shoesbymyra

It has been a while since I have entered the back door of my website but times they are a changing… I have decided to move on from my current employment which was an incredibly toxic environment and take on an internship. It is going to be quite an adjustment as I move from full time paid employment to part time non paid employment and shit kicker jobs to earn a buck but I am feeling creatively reinvigorated at the prospect.

So, in an effort to earn some cash on the side I want to put the word out there about my services as a leather repair person. Before my current employment I had two years experience working at what was a well regarded repair store in Melbourne CBD. We took on quite literally any job that came our way, which was an extremely useful learning experience in hindsight. I am open to doing any sort of leather repair that comes my way; from bags to belts to jackets and shoes. One thing I cant do however is the dreaded resoling or anything much to do with the soles. The reason being, I don’t actually have the machinery to do these jobs. But please spread the word and get in contact via my email myra_spencer00@hotmail.com if and when you need.

I am also wanting to move into leather accessory design… I discovered this guy when researching bespoke leather accessories. This is the kind of things I want to do aside from the saddles!