Storm Troopers

by shoesbymyra

A visit to Leffler’s left me with a bolt of inspiration last week. A few days later I had the most productive day I have ever had in the studio and I was left feeling satisfied and not overly critical! It was a good feeling.

I bought a couple of paper backs on hand sewing leather ‘things’ and although they are probably a little dated they have some really great projects in them. Mind you, I didn’t spend the time hand sewing with pig bristles (I cheated and used my new post) but the outcome was the same – I believe! I have always been interested in little crafty projects with leather, it is such a versatile material. So with the help of ‘Hand Sewn Leather Projects’ by Ron Edwards I made a little leather hat. A storm troopers cap apparently with adjustable chin strap and all. Making leather hats has always interested me and some of the other girls in my studio too but getting the shape and pattern right is not as straight forward as you might think. Having a little guide was so useful and the outcome really satisfying. Obviously it needs a little adjustment but for the time being I have a very wearable and workable sample. Stayed tuned for the real deal…

 Storm Trooper Hat Trial