#newshoes #lol

by shoesbymyra

Just finished my first pair of handmade shoes in… a… long… time.

Making shoes by hand is a really tedious process and also, for me anyway, not a very fulfilling one. Part of the problem is that I am terribly self critical so nothing is ever going to be good enough. Come to think of it that is probably the whole problem! Any way I think taking a step back from trying to make shoes as a living and exploring other areas of the footwear industry has, for now at least, made the prospect of making shoes enjoyable again. I am making shoes for me, for my asthetic and worst case scenario is I walk away with some cool kicks at the end of it. Not to shabby! I have realised over the last few years that while I love working with footwear and in the industry, taking a solely custom made path is not for me. For now it is about building and establishing a quality repair business, working on some potential designs for overseas manufactures and creating shoes and other leather goods I like. And if along the way someone likes the things I am making then that’s great, and I won’t turn you down! 

Feel free to get in touch via email if you like what you see!